A Software Architecture 
Reconstructability Analysis

Kenneth Willett and Martin Zwick

Presented at the 2002 meeting of the World Organization of Systems 

and Cybernetics and the International Institute of General Systems Studies



Software packages for Reconstructability Analysis (RA), as well as for related Log Linear modeling, generally provide a fixed set of functions. Such packages are suitable for end-users applying RA in various domains, but do not provide a platform for research into the RA methods themselves.
A new software system, Occam3, is being developed which is intended to address three goals which often conflict with one another: to provide (1) a general and flexible infrastructure for experimentation with RA methods and algorithms; (2) an easily-configured system allowing methods to be combined in novel ways, without requiring deep software expertise; and (3) a system which can be easily utilized by domain researchers who are not computer specialists.

Meeting these goals has led to an architecture which strictly separates functions into three layers: the Core, which provides representation of datasets, relations, and models; the Management Layer, which provides extensible objects for development of new algorithms; and the Script Layer, which allows the other facilities to be combined in novel ways to address a particular domain analysis problem.

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